United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Washington DC VA Medical Center

Home Based Primary Care (HBPC)

HBPC consists of a small, cohesive multidisciplinary team which travels to the veteran’s place of residence to provide services. We serve veterans whose physical health and/or mobility significantly limits their ability to come to the hospital/clinics for medical care. We also provide special coordinated care for those with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Mental health interventions include but are not limited to:

  1. Screening, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health conditions, particularly depressive and anxiety-related disorders, adjustment disorders, and excessive use/misuse of alcohol/drugs.
  2. Individual psychotherapy to support veterans coping with grief and loss associated with disability and other life transitions.
  3. Behavioral medicine interventions for pain, disability, sleep problems, smoking cessation, and medical compliance.
  4. Assessment of suicidality and dangerousness, providing treatment and/or coordinating referrals as needed.
  5. Cognitive screening to address specific functional questions and/or to coordinate referral for neuropsychological evaluation
  6. Psycho-education and support of the veteran, spouse, family members/caregivers, and others who play an important role in keeping the veteran at home. Submit a Geriatrics and Extended Care Consult for services, or contact Terry Mikovich at ext. 8427 for more information.