United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Washington DC VA Medical Center

Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Center (PRRC)

Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Center (PRRC) is an outpatient multidisciplinary treatment program that provides mental health services for veterans suffering from severe and persistent mental illness (e.g., schizophrenia, schizoaffective mood disorder, bipolar disorder, major affective disorder, and PTSD) with significant functional impairment.

Veterans are referred for PRRC programming after receiving an initial mental health evaluation by a psychologist in Primary Care Behavioral Health. PRRC programming implements a recovery model to help veterans recover from their mental illness so they are able to become fully functioning members of their communities. Veterans involved in PRRC programming receive individual assessment and curriculum planning, skills training classes, psychoeducational classes, illness management and recovery classes, peer support services, and family educational programs.

Veterans can also receive psychiatric services, case management services, individual psychotherapy, and compensated work therapy. Mental health services are available to veterans as long as needed, with successful discharge from PRRC programming being mutually agreed upon by the veteran and his or her treatment team. Psychologists working in PRRC provide individual therapy; facilitate skills training and psychoeducational classes; and participate in interdisciplinary treatment team meetings.

For further information on PRRC programming, please contact Ms. Damaris Lizon, PRRC Coordinator, at 202-745-8000, extension x 7167, or Jamie Carter, Medical Support Assistant, at 202-745-8000, extension 8323.