United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Washington DC VA Medical Center

Grand Opening of Independence Way at DC VA Medical Center

DCVAMC Opens VA's First Model Community, Independence Way

The Washington DC VA Medical Center (DCVAMC) has enhanced its physical medicine and rehab services by adding a model community to help Veterans train for re-entry into the community. Independence Way™ is a unique rehabilitation tool for Veterans who have physical or neurological conditions that affect mobility or their cognitive functions.

Independence Way™ is composed of a simulated bank, with an ATM, a Metro station and a mini-mart. A mobility training area recreates city sidewalks, lawns, and brick walkways, and a typical front porch—all within the safety of the Medical Center.

DCVAM's Polytrauma Program provides specialized rehabilitation services to Veterans with one or more severe and lasting injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, fractures, wounds, visual impairment, amputation, hearing loss and mental impairment. DCVAMC serves as the Polytrauma Network Site for VISN 5, as well as the VISN 5 Polytrauma Amputation Network Site, and ensures the coordination of lifelong rehabilitation services as Veterans progress from acute care settings to their home environments